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Park View Elementary School is located in downtown Portsmouth at 260 Elm Ave. It is nestled in the urban historic area of the Park View Community. A newly constructed school opened in September 2008, with forty state of the art classrooms. Approximately, five hundred seventy students ( K-6 ) attend Park View Elementary. We offer a free universal breakfast and lunch program to all students.


The educational programs at Park View Elementary emphasize the stages of development and a respect for the child's overall whole being. It allows children to explore, learn, and grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially so that the child can reach their fullest potential and make a meaningful contribution to society.

To implement this philosophical goal, Park View Elementary utilizes the Virginia State Standards of Learning (SOLs) and the Portsmouth Public Schools curriculum. We also involve school personnel, teachers, parents, guardians, the community, business partners, and the students in a cooperative spirit operating as an educational team.

Park View Elementary's administration and staff strives to meet the needs of diverse learners through the development of fundamental skills, as well as the arts, technology, critical thinking and reasoning skills. We believe in providing a safe, orderly, and well disciplined environment founded on mutual respect. This allows each child to experience the excitement of learning and helps the child to perfect all skills needed for successful learning. This will also allow the child to master skills and fully utilize their abilities to enable them to put their best forward in future learning situations.

You are encouraged to visit your child’s classroom during the year in order to observe their growth and development. Due to the structure of the classroom methods, there are certain guidelines that must be followed so as not to disrupt the environment.


  1. Contact your child’s teacher at least twenty-four (24) hours before a visit.
  2. Once you have scheduled your visit, be sure to arrive on time.
  3. Check into the school office, sign in, and receive a visitor’s pass. Without this pass, you will not be allowed in the classroom.
  4. Enter the classroom quietly.
  5. The teacher may or may not introduce you, depending on the activities going on at the time.
  6. You will then be able to sit and observe from an area in the classroom that has been set aside for observation.
  7. If a child comes over to show you something or talk with you, it is fine to interact with them. However, you MUST NOT seek out or HELP children who are working independently. This is the children’s work through which they learn.
  8. Please remember that this is an observation, not a conference time. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns during your observation, please make a note of them and call to schedule a separate conference time with the teacher.

Following these guidelines will give you the best possible observation and still maintain an uninterrupted environment for your child and others to accomplish academic success.

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